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This is your source to find quality San Diego pet care, services and supplies for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles and more! Our San Diego vet directory can help you locate the right professional help for the animals you love.  Find San Diego vet clinics, dog boarding, animal training, grooming, pet sitting, dog walking, pet stores in San Diego and more!  We also proudly feature pet adoption services in San Diego. If you are looking for dogs for sale in San Diego - consider our list of animal and dog rescue and second chance pet adoption options.

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Animal House - North Park
San Diego Pet Care via Animal House "Neighborhood Pet Shop" in North Park We offer a variety of product for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and small animals in San Diego. We carry specialty food items including wholesome raw frozen foods! Courteous, knowledgeable and helpful staff await you! Our pet shop in North Park is truly a "neighborhood pet shop.'

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Shelter Dogs to Dream Dogs - East County
Dog Adoption San Diego | Shelter Dogs to Dream DogsSome were sad and submissive and said to be un-adoptable from the shelters; the story of the typical shelter dog was supposed to end here.
But we turn all of this around! Give us a description of your dream dog or adopt one of ours today. To think, your dream dog will have been saved by you in San Diego! Adopt a dog in San Diego with us!
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 Animal Rescue San Diego
Flying Paint Ranch - East County

 Dog Breeder San Diego
Coronado Crown French Bulldogs

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PawPrints Petsitting

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