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San Diego is the eighth largest city in the United States! With a city population of about 1.5 million people and county population of over 3 million, "SD" is known for biotech, tourism / hospitality, and military sectors, as well as its mild / warm climate, and proximity to beaches, desert and mountains. San Diego is home to the largest Naval Fleet in the world, and has several Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard bases and issues more military paychecks than any other city in the country! In addition, San Diego is also known for local breweries,  being a city for entrepreneurs, a place for Olympic athletes to training, and it's growing arts presence. San Diego is AMAZING! San Diego is BEAUTIFUL! San Diego is REMARKABLE!

It doesn’t get any better than San Diego. With our growing culinary, beer and wine scene, the indie music and art scenes, and the 340 days of near-perfect weather, the ocean, mountains and desert, San Diego is the place to come home to."   -Bulldog Drummond, 2011

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Variety is the spice of life in San Diego, the second most populous "city" in California, and sunny weather is always just around the corner. Although the cost of living may be perceived as "high," many locals chalk it up as the infamous "sun-shine tax."  Some say, "San Diego defines the term laid-back” and "has the aura of a small town." (A few trips back and forth between Los Angeles and San Diego may likely confirm these speculations!)

Unlike other "big" cities of comparable size, a population of around
3 million is distinguished here between "San Diego Proper" AKA "San Diego" and "San Diego County."  Each area has a population of 1.5 million. Downtown San Diego has a population of around 28,000

"I thought San Diego must be Heaven on earth...It seemed to me the best spot for building a city I ever saw."
-Alonzo Horton, 1877
"What a change in weather! It was sleeting when I left St. Louis. Here, on the 23rd of February,
palm leaves flutter in warm wind and sun." -Charles Lindbergh, 1927

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San Diego Valuables

San Diego Ballet

Find out about tickets, subscriptions, special events and other artful experiences to be had with the San Diego Ballet!

San Diego LGBT Softball League (Open to ALL!)

San Diego LGBT Softball League

Arguably the largest LGBT sports organization in the country!

San Diego Author Melanie Dellas Created "Fantastic Fabulous Creatures & Beasts"

San Diego Author Melanie Dellas -- "Fantastic Fabulous Creatures & Beasts!


Tell It On The Mountain.

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Dale Guiducci

Wow! Great work and the most useful and user friendly website on San Diego, bar none. I am so inspired and, once again, overwhelmed with your ability to identify what's useful and put it in usable form!
Carolyn Passeneau is an excellent on-line directory. What a great way to find out about the services offered in the San Diego area. Marc quickly responded to my interest in listing our organization, and I look forward to hearing from the many people in our area who are viewing this well designed website.

Kathryn Campion

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